Full Form of EEG

Full Form of EEG: When it comes to brain checkup, everyone thinks that it is done only on mad people. EEG is also a type of checkup which is conducted by Brain specialist doctors. They used to measure the electrical activity of brain from the scalp.

Our brain sends or receives signal in the form of signal. These signal are then measured with the help of machine. The machine which is used to perform EEG displays the output on computer screen. This display is recorded and measured by doctors and they give the report. You are now aware a bit of the term EEG, let’s dive deep and know the Full Form of EEG.

Full Form of EEG

The full form of EEG is Electroencephalogram. It is a test to record changes in brain activity. This test is helpful in diagnosing brain disorder.

Full Form of EEG
Full Form of EEG

It is a painful test in which small sensors are attached to the scalp to pickup the electrical signals. These signals are produced by our brain which are then measured by doctor with the help of a machine. Basically, the signal are displayed in the form of waves on screen.

EEG Scan Cost

As you already know that through EEG test, scanning of brain is done with the help of sensors. In India, an EEG test can cost you between 1000 rupees to 1500 rupees. Through this test, you can easily know if someone possess a brain disorder or not.

Anyway, this cost is very much low or you can say it is in medium range. Anyone can afford this test if it a matter of brain. Afterall, when it comes to health money doesn’t matter. Please visit the authorized hospital if you are planning to go through this test. There are also few good online platforms where you can easily book your appointment.

EEG Test Side Effects

An EEG Test is generally painless. You won’t feel any pain when this test is done. I have also gone through this test and I felt zero pain. I actually never wanted it but due to my family I have to go through it.

A doctor came and put some patches to my scalp ( basically head ) which were attached with wires. Those wires end up in some machine and I have to wait for few minutes as the scanning was going on. I can see some waves were displaying in the computer screen in the form of waves. After half an hour, the doctor gave the report and said that I am normal. I got angry on my father for such nonsense thing but didn’t tell him anything. Afterall this is India and you can not question your parents when you come from a low middle class family.

Why EEG Test is Done?

An EEG test is done to measure your brain signals. It is basically done to check if your brain is performing well or not.

What does EEG Normal mean?

According to the reports, an EEG only shows the brain activity during the test. It is not a full-proof way of knowing if a person is going through mental problems. Imagine, if a person is mental when he/she is alone but behaves as a normal person with everyone.

What happens if EEG is abnormal?

If an EEG report is abnormal, then it is sure that your brain activity is not performing well. You have to go through few more diagnosis after that to know the exact problem. In worst cases, you have to admit in hospital.

Is EEG test painful?

An EEG test is not painful. You can feel tired just because you have to sit for few minutes till the test is over.

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